The most popular glass film has no standard at pre

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The quality of glass film is sought after. At present, there is no scale

home glass is popular with young people because it is environmentally friendly and does not affect the light intensity. It is learned from the quality supervision that the quality of household glass has not been measured in detail

in February this year, Ms. Liu put pressure on 13kn to buy a house in Beicheng new area. At present, the decoration is coming to an end. Seeing that the sunlight is becoming more and more intense, Ms. Liu thought of putting a film on the windows of the balcony, which can not only insulate against heat and ultraviolet rays, but also not affect the brightness of the house

in a glass film shop on Mengshan Avenue, I saw in the brochure that glass films of different specifications have different functions, including heat insulation, UV protection, explosion protection, beauty and tranquility, and the prices range from tens of yuan per square meter to hundreds of yuan per square meter

giving full play to the industrial advantages of Ningbo rare earth permanent magnet, Xiaoshan aluminum nickel cobalt magnetic materials, Dongyang ferrite permanent magnet and Haining ferrite soft magnetic materials, we interviewed the relevant principals of the Quality Inspection Institute of Linyi Municipal Bureau of quality supervision. At present, there is no relevant scale for the building glass film industry. He reminded that the high-quality glass film products feel very strong and shake very crisp. They look clear and have a bright surface with a metallic feeling. However, the poor quality glass film has an uneven surface or sand like surface, which feels like a thin layer of plastic

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