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The FRP industry in Wucheng County, Dezhou has turned around magnificently

cultivating the leader: the industrial agglomeration effect is beginning to show

as the first FRP County in China, FRP has always been regarded as the "face" of Wucheng. There are more than 1000 FRP production and processing enterprises in Luquantun town alone, and the production of FRP by every household once became the unique scenery of the town. Although there are a large number of enterprises, the lack of core technology, low product grade and added value, and the lack of core leading enterprises with strong driving ability have become difficult problems for the FRP industry in the county

"the rapid development of industry must be supported by leading enterprises. The ability of industrial clusters depends on the strength of leading enterprises." Recognizing this, Wucheng FRP entered the new material industry and planned a road of "leading enterprise industrial chain industrial cluster industrial base"

in order to give play to the leading role of leading enterprises, the county has cultivated a large number of provincial-level enterprise groups such as Jinguang group, Zhongnan group, Rixin company, beizhou group, COSCO, etc. The agglomeration of scale has brought about industrial fission. As one of the earliest FRP enterprises in the province, Jinguang group achieved a sales revenue of 400million yuan and a profit and tax of 47million yuan last year; The EPS exterior wall insulation board, power tower and corrugated beam steel guardrail project of huite company has been listed as the key construction project of Shandong provincial government, and the sales revenue can be realized after the project is completed 7.8 billion yuan for metal matrix composites and 107million yuan for profits and taxes. Today, 69 enterprises, 23 enterprises and 10 enterprises with sales revenue of more than RMB 50million, respectively, in the FRP and new materials industry in the county

with the continuous growth of backbone enterprises, the industrial cohesion of the new material industry in Wucheng county has been continuously improved. The new material industry presents a development pattern in which glass fiber reinforced plastics and central air conditioning industries are the main industries, and high-end building materials, geotechnical and environmental protection filter materials and other industries go hand in hand. At the same time, the county gives full play to the regional advantages of the trade and logistics production and processing base, successfully introduces the Shuangyi group composite material industrial park project with an investment of 1.5 billion yuan, which can achieve a sales revenue of 2billion yuan per year after reaching the production capacity. The county also plans to build a new material industrial park with high standards in the County Economic Development Zone, attracting and gathering new material processing enterprises above the county scale. At present, more than 20 enterprises have signed up to settle in, greatly improving the industrial competitiveness

independent innovation: traditional industries have turned around splendidly.

"with the same materials, we can make a circle today and change it into a square tomorrow. For a period of time, our FRP industry has simply relied on the number of products to improve its market share. Due to the lack of scientific research and innovation, the adjustment of product structure can not keep up with the needs of market development. Therefore, we should not only cultivate backbone enterprises, but also pay attention to the independent innovation of enterprises." Duhuilai, director of the county people's Economic Bureau, has this understanding

in order to turn the traditional industry around, Wucheng county has implemented a "brain borrowing project" for "local bosses". Every year, the county invites well-known experts at home and abroad to "brainwash" them. While learning the advanced experience and practices in the industry, Wucheng county also makes empirical analysis on the development of the new material industry. At present, the FRP and new materials industrial cluster in the county has two large research institutes and more than 20 R & D centers, and has established long-term cooperative relations with more than 200 scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and key enterprises, such as the China composite aluminum powder powder Association, which uses electrolytic aluminum as raw material for deep processing, and Jinan University. At present, more than 85% of FRP and new material enterprises in the county have established scientific research institutions, providing strong support for industrial technological innovation

"science and technology are the primary productive forces". Wucheng practiced this famous saying with his own efforts. Through launching the technical transformation project, improving the equipment level and upgrading the product level, the county's new material industry has been continuously transformed and upgraded, forming an industrial cluster with sound industrial system and complete supporting capacity. More than 30 new products, such as diagonal flow fans and modified magnesite ventilation ducts, jointly developed by Huaneng and the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, filled the gap in the industry and won many exhibition awards; The special SMC automobile engine cylinder head jointly developed by Zhongnan group and FAW Automobile Research Institute has been successfully tried out on Hongqi car

in order to enter the high-end market, the county has successively introduced new material production projects such as ceramic cutting tools of Rixin company, exterior wall thermal insulation materials of huite company, Geotextiles of Huapeng company, environmental protection filter materials of Aobo company, rubber tubing of Jintong company, bridge bearings of Longxiang company, etc. The products cover a variety of industries, such as winding pipes to call on citizens to participate in recycling operations, cable trays, color steel processing, aluminum and iron products, with 48 series and more than 3600 varieties, and are widely used in many fields, such as construction, transportation, aerospace, military industry, etc

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