The most popular glass bottle packaging is still t

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Glass bottle packaging is still the main choice for liquid condiments. In the early days, glass bottle became the only choice for liquid condiments because of its transparency, good barrier, low price and easy reuse. In recent years, although plastic bags, PET bottles and concave barrels have successively entered the liquid condiment market, glass bottle packaging still occupies a leading position

there is a fatal weakness in the glass bottle packaging, that is, the crown can not be sealed over time. Now many glass bottles have been improved in terms of bottle caps, and plastic bottle caps have been used for convenience. In other cases, we have made unremitting efforts and continued to improve. The manufacturer has hung a plastic cap on the glass bottleneck sealed by the crown cap, so that the crown cap can be replaced with this plastic cap for repeated use after it is opened

liquid condiments with small capacity, such as mustard oil, chili oil and some high-grade raw soy sauce, are still mainly packaged in glass bottles, but all have adopted plastic bottle caps. There is no ideal alternative packaging in this market for the time being

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