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Gigabyte "Eagle" light chasing notebook will be released soon: 15 inch screen, the first artificial intelligence laptop

At present, the most common method is to install large deformation at both ends of the collet to prevent the sample from sliding, The RTX series aorus E-sports edition will adopt a new naming method - aorus 15

it is reported that the Gigabyte Eagle aorus 15 is equipped with NVIDIA geforce with real-time ray tracing ® rtx ™ The 20 series is unique. It is also equipped with all Intel inside and Microsoft azure AI technology. Officials say it not only increases the performance of the game, but also improves the overall quality of use

in terms of configuration, aorus 15 introduces all Intel Inside Technology and adopts Intel components on a large scale, including the central processing unit (Intel ® Corjinan assaying hammer handle strength e ™ IH), solid state drive (Intel ® 760p SSD), wireless network chip (with Intel ® Core killer ™ 1550)。

officials also said that Microsoft and Gigabyte jointly launched the world's first E-sports laptop aorus 15 equipped with AI Artificial Intelligence. The built-in system will judge the program characteristics that users are executing through machine learning on the Microsoft Azure Platform to dynamically adjust the watt consumption of the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processor (GPU), so that users can get higher game frames. Thanks to dynamic adjustment, Unnecessary energy consumption can be saved, and unnecessary waste heat can be reduced relatively

Gigabyte has not officially announced the price and release date of this notebook before the domestic market will be broader

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