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Glass furniture is favored and will become a new beautiful shadow of glass decoration

when used in glass furniture here before, the new tempered glass is times more transparent than ordinary glass, as clear and charming as crystal. At the same time, it also has high hardness and high temperature resistance

with the deepening of interior decoration, the functions of glass furniture in the market tend to be practical and ornamental, such as dining tables, coffee tables, bookcases, wine cabinets, sound cabinets, cabinets, dressing tables, etc. At the same time, glass furniture meets the needs of aesthetes at different levels and makes the home with its crystal clear posture. So how much do you know about the electrode tensile testing machine? What are the measuring principles and performance characteristics of the electrode tensile testing machine? This time, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce to you that the house is full of romantic interest

at present, new tempered glass is used for glass furniture. Its transparency is times higher than that of ordinary glass. It is as clear and charming as crystal. At the same time, it also has high hardness and high temperature resistance. In previous years, the supports of glass furniture were mainly welded by steel pipes. Now, extruded metal materials are used, neither welding nor screw fixation. 7. control mode: PLC, but high-strength adhesive is used to bond, making the shape particularly smooth and beautiful

if there is a problem with modernization, we will give you a detailed solution. Glass products can be made into various colors. Coupled with high-precision carved or sprayed patterns, glass furniture is more gorgeous than wooden furniture. The carved glass furniture is simple and lively, with lifelike shape and rich artistic characteristics. Spray painted glass furniture can broaden the three-dimensional space and give people a beautiful feeling

table, tea table and other furniture made of glass are easier to match with other furniture in the room. Its exquisite style and unique shape, whether placed in the living room, dining room or study, will be unique among the furniture, flashing a few strange lights, especially under the light, more beautiful, adding a warm atmosphere completely different from the daytime to the room

according to the prediction of market participants, this new product, which is a combination of high-tech technology and new building materials, will become a new enjoyment of the material and spiritual life of the home and a trend of the future development of interior decoration

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