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Nimy weekly: released a research report on Internet home furnishings, and the gold medal was listed in the top 10 of o2o brand sales

"the most romantic thing I can think of is to dress up my home beautifully with you" (11.06--11.12)

I. big data and big transformation home building materials 2017 investment promotion and business development strategy sharing

in the afternoon of November 16, the "customized 2017, home building materials president storm" held by the first stock of smart industry, Guofu, will be the annual heavyweight activity of home building materials and the wind vane of 2017 industrial development. 500 presidents, senior executives, marketing directors and designers of home building materials enterprises attended the event. At the same time, many heavy guests will participate in the speech to discuss the development strategy of big home, start with the analysis of macro policies and big data, carry out the sharing of practical cases of investment promotion and business education, uncover the secrets of high-content marketing strategies, and release the exclusive industry big data. It is not only a cross-border gathering, but also a grand event of intellectual thinking breakthrough

second, Shanghai school furniture leads the trend of customization

with the rapid development of the decoration industry, more and more owners will choose more personalized and flexible customized furniture during decoration, and Shanghai school furniture leads the trend of customization. However, because there is no standard for customized school furniture, sometimes consumers will fall into some misunderstandings. Only when Shanghai school furniture is customized and the drawings are deepened in place can it be possible to produce furniture with reasonable structure and proportion

III. wonderful review: the first China wooden door and window entrepreneurs' summit and the whole house customization development forum

on November 1, 2016, the first China wooden door and window entrepreneurs' summit and the whole house customization development forum was successfully held in Beijing. A total of more than 240 people from wooden door and window entrepreneurs, industry elites, upstream and downstream industry chain suppliers, media support representatives, etc. across the country attended the meeting

the first China wooden door and window entrepreneurs' summit is the annual gathering of the wooden door and window industry in the second half of 2016. It brings together many entrepreneurs and elites in the industry. Relying on the grand event, ideas clash and fireworks collide. Through the interactive integration of information, technology and other aspects, it solves the main difficulties and pain points faced by the industry, seeks new breakthroughs, creates more well-known brands, and lets better entrepreneurs stand out, Bring the wooden door and window industry to a new starting point

IV. market demand analysis of sub categories in the home furnishing industry

as a major category, the overall trend of netizens' attention to furniture products is increasing month on month; Secondly, netizens pay more and scattered attention to furniture formula, furniture exhibition and Xianghe furniture city. Furniture exhibitions are held more frequently in September and October, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other venues, so one of the reasons why furniture exhibitions pay more attention to people

in the distribution of wardrobe demand, brands occupy the most important position, followed by the top ten, size and overall wardrobe. Therefore, merchants will be more attractive if they still specify the brand, size and price grade of the wardrobe in their publicity

v. Hunan sampling inspection results of the overall wardrobe were released. The unqualified samples were formaldehyde exceeding the standard

Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce recently announced the sampling results of the overall cabinet products. According to the results, 8 of the 30 groups of samples were unqualified, and the unqualified items were formaldehyde emissions. The nominal trademarks of unqualified samples include Zhujia, IKEA cabinet, OLINA, Yajule, punon, Xinqi, etc

it is reported that the main material widely used in the overall cabinet products in the market is man-made board, and adhesives (mainly urea formaldehyde resin) must be used in the manufacturing process of man-made board, which is the main source of formaldehyde emission. In addition to the excessive formaldehyde emission, another "hard injury" of the unqualified overall cabinet comes from the table. At present, there are four kinds of cabinet countertops in the market: natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone and stainless steel. Among them, the price of artificial stone countertops is relatively cheap, accounting for the largest market share. According to experts, unqualified artificial stone countertops will produce spots and discoloration in the pollution resistance test, while qualified countertops will not

VI. the whole house customization leads the double 11 household list. Sophia won the crown with a crazy score of 240million

the annual double 11 national Carnival has come to an end, and the annual promotion war of major brands has also ended. Whether it is constantly refreshing the amazing data that continues to rise, or the enterprise e-commerce team's "chicken blood" hot-blooded fight, it has painted a strong ink on this unprecedented annual event. The whole house customized brand led the double 11 home furnishing list with outstanding results. Sofia won the title of this category with a turnover of 240million. Tata wooden door also won the second place with a turnover of 220million, and europay strong rushed into the top three. In addition, Mengtian wooden door, gold cabinet, Shangpin home accessories, Kelaifu home furnishing, Weiyi customization, MAG and Piano also landed in the top ten of the whole house customization ranking

VII. Authoritative release of the top ten brands of China's board (ecological board and paint free board) in 2016

recently, the "authoritative release of the top ten brands of China's board (ecological board and paint free board) in 2016" of the China home building materials Decoration Association officially ended. This selection includes rabbit baby, Moganshan, Millennium boat, King coconut, Kemei home, Fuhan, taiermei, huxiangwang, Weiye, Penghong and other brands successfully selected

VIII. The first China home Green Supply Chain Forum was a complete success

on November 8, the first China home green supply chain forum with the theme of "collaborative development, green manufacturing" was grandly held in hall 3, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie Town, Dongguan city

At the forum, the Dongguan Municipal People's government, the China ASEAN environmental protection cooperation center and the Guangdong Provincial Department of environmental protection signed an agreement on building a Dongguan Demonstration Center for green supply chain. The Dongguan demonstration center of green supply chain was also officially inaugurated at the forum. And released the evaluation results of the green supply chain Dongguan index. Yunshitong furniture group won the title of five-star enterprise of the green supply chain Dongguan index, and six enterprises such as Dixin furniture and Huahui furniture won the title of four-star enterprise. The first China home furnishing green supply chain forum invited well-known experts and entrepreneurs in the domestic home furnishing industry to make keynote speeches and dialogues

IX. weekly report of light industry: the performance of household sub new shares was eye-catching

this week, the performance of light industry was stronger than that of the big market, with sub new shares, education theme stocks and some transformation stocks rising first, and small market value companies performing relatively well. Due to the tightening of real estate policies, the overall valuation of the home furnishing industry will be suppressed to a certain extent, but the consumption upgrading trend is obvious, the brand barrier is also gradually strengthened, and the change of industry structure is more important. The business condition of brand furniture enterprises will continue to be better than that of the industry, and the certainty of performance growth is still high. Undervalued and performance inflection point recommendations focus on Xilinmen, Daya technology, MEC home, Yihua wood industry, and brand growth recommends Qumei home and Sophia

10. released the top 10 o2o brand sales in the gold medal list of the Internet home furnishing Research Report. Recently, Analysys and jointly released the 2016 special research report on China's Internet home furnishing market (hereinafter referred to as "the report"). The report shows that the overall market size of China's home furnishing industry will increase steadily. It is estimated that the Internet home furnishing market will account for about 10% of the overall home furnishing market size in 2016

according to the report, among the various businesses of JD home decoration, the retail of home building materials is relatively mature, and o2o mode and Internet decoration services are rising; The trend of centralization of big brands and international brands is obvious, and users show a trend of emphasizing brand and quality in their consumption choices. In addition, the penetration rate of home decoration in economically developed areas is high, and the channel continues to sink in depth; And has a high proportion of female consumption decisions, and is sensitive to promotions and comments. Under the general trend of consumption upgrading, the Internet home furnishing and home decoration industry will be further integrated, and the one-stop service mode will become standard





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