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Strong and unstoppable -- an exclusive interview with Wu Junping, a dealer in Liuzhou, Guangxi, of Cohen

believes in generating power and continuing to create miracles " Cohen appliances will start a new journey again. From April 10 to April 30, it is about to meet the three provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou. The location of the Huizhan is selected in Liuzhou, Guangxi, at the junction of the three provinces. For this reason, the editor was lucky to interview Wu Junping, a dealer of Cohen in Liuzhou, Guangxi, who is the organizer of the three provinces' linkage activities of Cohen. President Wu also generously shared some of his own experiences in operating Cohen in the past seven years

editor: Why did you choose to represent Cohen's brand when choosing a brand agent

president Wu: I think both brand and boss are very important. Brand positioning, gene and core advantages are important factors when we choose to consider agency; In addition, another factor is the boss. The realm and pattern of a boss is crucial to the medium and long-term development of the whole career. The reason why I chose Cohen is also because of these two reasons. The strength and potential of Cohen are obvious to all. I sincerely thank Cohen company for giving me such a good platform and all the Cohen family for their silent support to Liuzhou Cohen

editor: how is your store operation at present

Mr. Wu: in the first quarter of this year, our store sales increased by about 40% year-on-year in the first quarter of last year, showing a significant upward trend. Staffing and team cohesion are also significantly stronger than last year. In addition, in view of the disadvantages of shopping malls in 2016, we adjusted and improved various rules and regulations and the way of store operation and management, and strengthened the activity of third-party publicity, such as local media, alliance activities, group purchase activities, etc., which greatly improved the sales volume of Cohen products and the awareness and reputation of the brand

editor: is there anything particularly impressive in the process of brand agency

Mr. Wu: as a local brand, unlike other brands, Cohen brand is not allowed to develop when its distribution stores are opened. Our headquarters has done a very good job in this regard. From store site selection to store layout, from product supply to sales skills, from the early stage of opening to the subsequent operation, Cohen headquarters will send a professional business education team to the site to help, and guide us with systematic strategies. Now it is inseparable from the landing help of Cohen headquarters to open a market here

editor: what do you think Cohen dealers should pay attention to in the process of store operation

Mr. Wu: first of all, make clear your own situation, make a good positioning, and follow the platform. In Cohen, I understand the significance of choice over effort; Secondly, integrate resources, which contacts exist, which sales channels exist, which part of the market you are familiar with, and which industry you are in will be easier to give full play to your advantages. Figure out these things, and then tailor them according to your own resources. There is also the focus on customer reputation. The maintenance of old customers is the cornerstone of brand building. Word of mouth after customer satisfaction is passed on from generation to generation, which is the way of publicity with better effect and lower cost

editor: what are your views and expectations on the linkage of Guangdong, Guangxi and Guizhou held in Liuzhou, Guangxi

Mr. Wu: when I heard that the three provincial linkage of Cohen headquarters was to be held in Liuzhou, I was both excited and excited. I joined Cohen from the early days of the establishment of Cohen company. Over the years, I have witnessed the company's growth step by step. Following the company's development pace, I have expanded the size of stores, developed distributors, and established a sales team. Since Cohen headquarters launched the national provincial linkage of "cultivating business and strengthening business" last year, I have been looking forward to it. Looking at the fruitful achievements of the Cohen family in other regions, our Liuzhou Cohen team is already eager to try. We have made all-round preparations for the three provincial linkage. I believe that under the leadership of the business education team, the three provincial linkage will achieve amazing sales results

editor in chief: thank Mr. Wu for taking time out of his busy schedule to accept the interview. I believe that with the joint efforts of dealers in all regions of the three provinces and the business education team of Cohen business school, the 20 day Guangdong Guangxi Guizhou Provincial linkage will be a complete success

president Wu: Thank you





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