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What is the decoration like? Some people say that decoration is a lot of tricky, and they are trapped at any time; Some people say that decoration is too tiring, which is simply a long march of 20000 steps and thousands of miles; Others say that decoration is a bottomless pit, and the budget has been exceeded. Which is right? It's like “ The pony crosses the river ”, Only by trying can we know the depth of the river. Knowledge and experience are very important for home decoration. For example, after going through the renovation, he now wants to share his experience with you

how many decoration methods are there? There are three kinds, full package, half package and clear package. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, how to choose? The advantage of all inclusive is that it saves time and effort, but it will not save money, and there are many pitfalls. I don't recommend all inclusive. There are many choices for half package, and my family is also half package. Buy the main materials by yourself and provide them by other decoration companies. It's better to know some decoration knowledge. It saves money to clear the package, but it's not easy to worry or work. You should have a deep understanding of decoration knowledge. If you know architecture, relatives and friends around you are in this industry, you can choose! Therefore, no matter which one you choose, you should consider it according to your actual situation

from Nanjing to Beijing, what you buy is not as good as what you sell. You can't compare goods when shopping. Only by comparing goods with others can you know which one is reliable. At that time, I spent three months comparing many companies repeatedly. In front of many activities, don't make a deposit on impulse. In fact, there will still be some after the discount, as long as you dare to do the model house of the decoration company. Combine the design suggestions of various companies for your home, imagine the future of your home, and make a final design. Then according to this idea, let different decoration companies quote the same decoration scheme. Choose the most suitable decoration company by combining materials, and workmanship. And don't rush to sign the contract. It's too late to start work. Once the contract is signed, you can't go back on it. Remember

many things can be found on the Internet these days. Can't decorate? It doesn't matter. Search online. There is a lot of information about decoration. Sure enough, this is an era of big data. Therefore, you can read others' decoration Diaries online to get the most authentic understanding of the whole process of decoration. Another point is very important. Don't follow suit. First of all, you should do your homework. You must understand the lowest price you can get, and then buy it with the people in the organization, so that you won't place orders blindly. In fact, no matter what the purpose of the organizer is, as long as we can get a lower discount, it will benefit our owners. If you don't do your homework, you will suffer in the end. In this year, I also saw that some people were very unhappy because they followed the trend of group buying. In the process of decoration, it's useless to blame others

group buying, a great invention, can save consumers some money anyway. When I first went to attend, I felt noisy. The fierce speech on the stage and all kinds of preferential words will really make people dizzy. But you must keep a clear head. The chopper belongs to the merchant, not our owner. Don't make a list of things that you haven't done your homework, and that kind of bargainer is not the most favorable price. If you want something you like, you can talk to the business in private. Sometimes there will be unexpected surprises. As long as you are prepared, do your homework





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