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Northern transportation: "the strongest brain" has created more than 400 products

northern transportation: "the strongest brain" has created more than 400 products

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during the decades of reform and opening up, earth shaking changes have taken place in Chinese Society: building a well-off society in an all-round way, deepening reform in an all-round way, comprehensively promoting the rule of law, etc., outlining a beautiful framework of the Chinese story

in Shenyang, in all walks of life, many moving stories occur every day, showing many beautiful scenes - from the "shifting speed" of industrial development to the "upgrading" of citizens' living standards, people have more smiling faces and stories. These stories reflect the mainstream of social development and progress in Shenyang, as well as the vigorous style of the masses, and write the most real, beautiful and moving side of ordinary people in the torrent of the times. They are really wonderful stories. A face, a window and a family constitute the history of the city, and let us understand the pace of Shenyang

we need to draw an exclamation point for these stories, and present to you...

Shenyang is in full bloom in winter. However, in the plant of the high altitude division of the northern communications heavy industry group, more than a dozen high-altitude work platforms of different models and colors are stretching their tall steel arms, just like cornflowers in the breeze

2014, affected by the downward pressure of the economy, the market demand of the equipment manufacturing industry shrank. In addition to the "manufacturing resurgence" in western countries, Shenyang equipment manufacturing enterprises suffered from the double test of the reduction of traditional product orders and the increasing pressure of scientific and technological competition. However, the sales revenue of northern communications heavy industry is growing against the trend. The annual sales revenue is expected to exceed 4.5 billion yuan. The group's goal in the future is to achieve an output value of 10 billion yuan

how can this enterprise break through the siege when the domestic and foreign markets are getting colder? With such questions, I walked into this enterprise on December 11. Yangyanyu, Vice Minister of the science and Technology Development Department of the enterprise, said: "on the basis of maintaining the advantages of traditional products, it has become a common consensus among Shenyang equipment manufacturing enterprises to actively research and develop new products with high scientific and technological content and good market prospects, and use scientific and technological innovation to drive the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry out of difficulties. Times create heroes, and Northern communications heavy industry has also gained development vitality in scientific and technological innovation and product upgrading." Promote green growth

in recent years, northern communications heavy industry has independently developed more than 400 products in 30 directions in 6 categories, including road clearing vehicles, aerial work vehicles, truck cranes and coal roadheader. These achievements can not be achieved without the support of talents, which means that NASA can greatly reduce the cost of preparing space structures. Focusing on scientific research reserves, the group has established a national enterprise technology center composed of 28 research institutes, and has "academician workstation" and "postdoctoral research workstation", with more than 400 R & D personnel

at the road maintenance machinery plant, Yang Yanyu specially introduced their newly developed amphibious rescue armored vehicle. 8. The two driving lead screws of this compression testing machine must be properly lubricated. The lubricating oil shall be the mechanical oil specified by the manufacturer. When refueling, the dust shield at the opening of the two columns must be removed and brushed with a brush, so that the oil does not flow downward The amphibious rescue armored vehicle can quickly drive into the accident scene after the underground accident, detect the disaster and rescue the trapped people. "It not only fills the gap in the field of domestic coal mine active rescue equipment with general standard configuration and elastic modulus, but also opens a new market door for enterprises." Yangyanyu said proudly

with the strong development momentum brought by scientific and technological innovation, northern communications heavy industry has broken through the difficult market environment. Qu Kai, chairman of the group, further expressed his future development ideas: "we will emancipate our minds, actively strengthen joint ventures and cooperation with strategic investors, further promote equity diversification and modernization of governance structure, and strive to make the enterprise bigger and stronger."

when I left here, I looked back at the plants that are constantly creating value. I believe that, driven by innovative and promising enterprises, Shenyang's equipment manufacturing industry will have more confidence in every step on the road of transformation and upgrading

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