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Traffic safety theme summer camp officially opened! Zhengxin tire caring for children's safety and truck and bus groups

traffic safety theme summer camp officially opened! On the morning of July 14, 2019, the traffic safety theme Summer Camp jointly organized by Zhengxin tire, Scania Scania and action Asia held its opening ceremony in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province. This 6-day activity, with the theme of "busy and wonderful truck", carries out project-based learning to improve children's inquiry learning ability, cultivate empathy and communication ability, and improve their sense of responsibility and caring ability. It is hoped that this activity will help children develop their awareness of traffic safety

as the top all media platform of the tire industry integrated with the genes of automobile and engineering machinery, China tire business () was invited to go deep into the summer camp site to personally experience the theme summer camp activities that are innovative and entertaining

this activity invited empathy education experts, truck and tire experts to jointly lead the team. Through story situations, role plays, picture book reading and a series of interesting interactive links, the team imperceptibly guided children to learn traffic safety knowledge, developed social emotions such as empathy, sensitivity and careful thinking, and improved children's ability to understand, perceive and participate in the world

as one of the top ten tire manufacturers in the world, over the years, Zhengxin tire has not only won the recognition and favor of the broad market by relying on its perfect and mature distribution network, rich product lines and high-quality tire products, but also took it as its own responsibility to contribute to the society, actively linked with the personnel of the distribution system to devote themselves to public welfare undertakings and undertake social responsibilities. From caring for left behind children in the past, rotary ultrasonic drilling processing as shown in Figure 3 to caring for rural education, to this transportation themed summer camp, Zhengxin tire has been practicing corporate social responsibility with practical actions

Mr. huangyongnan, sales director of commercial vehicle tyres in China of Zhengxin Xiamen group, returned to this public welfare activity. As one of the initiators of the activity, Zhengxin tyre's original intention of launching this activity is to hope that the awareness of traffic safety can be grasped from the child. By continuously instilling correct traffic safety awareness into children, combined with the distribution system of Zhengxin tire, children can not only understand the hardships of truck and bus drivers, but also cultivate their safety awareness in the process of growing up, so that children can be healthier and safer in the process of growing up

in addition to the growth of children, Zhengxin tire also took advantage of this public welfare activity to focus on the truck and bus group. According to the introduction of Zhengxin tire, truck drivers have been a long-term concern group of Zhengxin tire. In addition to providing them with good tires and services, it helps them transport and travel effectively and safely. Zhengxin tire also provides truck drivers with a caring activity for truck drivers - tire safety inspection service. Through this service, we can better ensure the driving safety of truck and bus drivers and help them achieve better transportation performance

it is understood that zhengxinxiang will focus on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry and actively building a green manufacturing system to be known for its diversified products and cross different fields to meet customer needs. Its business scope covers bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, car tires, truck tires, ATV tires, etc., and it will actively develop into a leader in the global tire market. At present, Zhengxin tire has 5 research and development centers, 17 production bases in the world, and its products are sold in more than 180 countries and regions, which are favored by customers and consumers

according to the introduction, Zhengxin attaches importance to and focuses on the needs of customers, and develops the most suitable products according to different markets. The annual R & D investment and resources exceed 2% of the group's total revenue, ranking the world's leading position. The highest mission of Zhengxin tire as a tire manufacturer is to continuously pay attention to market changes, to produce safe, reliable and reliable products, and to bring worry free driving fun to consumers

at the same time, Zhengxin tire, as a traffic safety advocate, said that in the future, public welfare will not stop, and it will link with the distribution system, continue to participate in public welfare, and transmit more positive energy to the society

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promoting the development of public welfare undertakings is an embodiment of corporate social responsibility. Looking back on the development of public welfare undertakings of Zhengxin tire in the past ten years, we found that not only the investment in material resources, but also the construction in many spiritual fields, including rural education, environmental protection and low carbon, traffic safety awareness, etc. The development of these public welfare undertakings is changing our society step by step. In a more excellent way, why does metal fatigue have a destructive effect? This is because the internal structure of the metal is actually uneven

Mr. huangyongnan (left), commercial vehicle tire sales director of Zhengxin Xiamen group in China, and China tire business () took a group photo at the scene

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