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There are structural opportunities in the transportation industry. Brokers recommend aviation and railway logistics

although China's economy may continue to bottom out and the external economic trend is uncertain, analysts are optimistic about institutional opportunities in the transportation industry, including airport aviation opportunities brought about by the peak season and the decline in oil prices, investment opportunities brought about by railway reform and investment opportunities in the logistics industry that benefit from policy support

airport aviation benefited from the decline in oil price

Bohai Securities said that the airport industry has a strong consumption attribute, the performance growth is stable, and the future development space of non aviation business is still large

in may, the international crude oil price dropped sharply, more than 25% lower than the highest price this year. At present, it fluctuates in the range of $80 ~ 85/barrel. It is expected that the international crude oil price will fluctuate around $80/barrel in the third quarter. Aviation kerosene and fuel oil decreased by about 20%, and it is expected that the business condition of the enterprise in the third quarter will be better than that in the first half of the year. According to the analysis of national securities

according to CITIC Securities, in late June, air tourism and business travel were superimposed, and the occupancy rate and ticket price rose significantly, maintaining the industry's stronger than the market rating. China Eastern Airlines is highly recommended. Meanwhile, China Southern Airlines, which has benefited from the summer peak season, and Air China, which has benefited from the recovery of international routes, are actively concerned

railway system dividend HRB335 6 ⑵ 5 it is worth looking forward to

Minsheng Securities believes that the railway reform window is approaching, and focuses on recommending Daqin Railway and Guangzhou Shenzhen Railway: Daqin Railway and Guangzhou Shenzhen railway are independent market operators, and will have a greater say in resource allocation and freight rate adjustment. As one of the few financing platforms of the Ministry of railways, the exchange of stock for increment is an important means for the railway industry and enterprises to repay their debts

Anxin Securities said that below we will briefly introduce the protection and maintenance of hydraulic universal testing machine. If we compare China's current railway reform with the U.S. railway reform in 1980, the biggest difference lies in the different system background. The U.S. railway is based on private ownership, and China's railway is the product of planned economy; The same point is that the freight rates are low, and the government controls too much and too strict

in this context, Anxin Securities believes that China Railway first needs to establish market players and complete the separation of government and enterprises. The first thing to improve its performance is to restore a reasonable level by relying on freight rates, and then to improve labor productivity, improve the industry structure and improve its comprehensive competitiveness

logistics benefits from policy support

National Certificate cold rolled sheet is the abbreviation of common carbon structural steel cold rolled sheet. According to the analysis, the content of the logistics industry is extremely rich and the pattern is multi-level. At present, it can only be said that the industry is at the beginning of its growth. From the perspective of national policy promotion and industry growth speed, cold chain logistics Express delivery and other fields will be relatively hot in the short term, which is also an aspect to show the production control system

Bohai Securities believes that the overall operation of the logistics industry in the first half of the year was not ideal. The income of key enterprises increased by 15.8%, down 16.6 percentage points from the same period last year; The profit margin of main business income was 3.8%, down 3.8 percentage points compared with the same period last year. However, the logistics industry is increasingly valued by the state and enterprises, policies are frequently issued, and the industry development has stepped into a fast track

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