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The "going global" first-class products of transportation engineering machinery need more first-class services in both macro-economy and coal industry. The "going global" first-class products of transportation engineering machinery need more first-class services. In recent years, enterprises represented by China Communications import and Export Corporation, China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd., Sany Heavy Industry, Xi'an Dagang and others have been moving towards the international market, Many traffic engineering machines made in China have expanded their overseas markets in various ways. According to the data, the export volume of Beijing road construction and maintenance machinery in 2013 was US $28 million. In the first quarter of this year, the export volume reached US $9.4 million, a year-on-year increase of 26%. Last year, the import volume of Beijing road construction and maintenance machinery was US $95million

China Communications import and Export Corporation is an important window of foreign trade in China's transportation industry. It has accumulated rich experience in the field of transportation engineering machinery export, but also encountered many problems that need attention. In order to "go global" smoothly, traffic engineering machinery should reasonably apply these experiences and avoid common problems in time

first class products need more first-class services

whether it is selling tangible goods or intangible ideas, the product itself is the first standard for the buyer and the seller to consider. In order to realize the smooth sale of traffic engineering machinery, the buyer's approval is first required, that is, the function of the product can meet the needs of users. Although there are many varieties and different sizes of traffic engineering machinery products, their sales process is similar to that of other mechanical products

the transportation machinery products exported to foreign countries must be competitive. Its cost performance ratio is higher than that of similar products produced in other countries. Under the condition of small price difference, it has better technical performance and product quality. The products are durable, low failure rate and easy to operate. Or when there is little difference in technical performance and product quality, the price of the product is more competitive than other similar products, and price is a key factor in the actual transaction negotiation process

the after-sales service of the product (how to set up the "going out" of the traffic engineering machinery at the maintenance service point, and the guarantee of the supply of spare parts) is particularly important for the sales of large machinery and equipment. Once the product fails, it must be repaired in time to avoid affecting the progress of the project

it is not easy to open up an overseas market, but it is easy to destroy this hard-earned market. Once the market is affected, it is difficult to repair, and the market sales in other regions will also be affected. Today's society is a network society with highly developed information. The news that products have problems in the market will soon spread like wildfire

after sales service is the image of the enterprise, the life of the product and the necessary condition for the enterprise to occupy the market

in the past, there were many large-scale mechanical equipment export projects in China. Due to inadequate after-sales service, the hard-working market was destroyed. The economic assistance project of 400 buses exported by China Communications import and Export Corporation to Sri Lanka, due to lack of experience at that time, the technical operation training for users after product export was not in place, the operation and use of local drivers were not standardized, and the local road conditions were poor, resulting in a high failure rate in the actual use of vehicles. Many vehicles had problems soon after they were used. At that time, the supply of parts was insufficient, and the vehicles could not operate normally. After that, they could only disassemble the parts of the stopped vehicles and repair other faulty vehicles, which eventually led to the loss of the entire Sri Lanka market with the increasingly extensive application of plastics

attach importance to partners

partners are indispensable for the export of transportation engineering machinery products. Partners are diverse, including direct users, middlemen, joint venture partners, middlemen and joint venture partners. In the actual export business, the selection of partners is a very important link. The strength and ability of partners and the tacit cooperation will affect the success or failure of the transaction and the expansion of business

direct user

direct user refers to the direct sales of products by manufacturers to users of traffic engineering machinery. This is a simple and economic sales, which is also called "direct sales" in the market. On the surface, this model reduces the intermediate links between the buyer and the seller, and can obtain the ideal transaction price. However, in fact, this model has a limited impact on the sales price of products. Because the manufacturer sells its products externally, it needs to set up a foreign trade department (or company) in the enterprise and hire a group of professional foreign trade sales personnel. The costs of such departments and personnel will eventually be transferred to the products sold, Therefore, the direct selling form has a limited impact on the final sales price of the product. This model is suitable for large-scale and export-oriented production enterprises


joint venture partners of transportation construction machinery, i.e. middlemen, if they want to export their own construction machinery products on a large scale, they should consider looking for a marketable overseas market, consider establishing a joint venture assembly plant abroad, and export the products to the assembly plant in the form of assemblies and parts, and then sell them locally after assembly. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to find a strong partner in the importing country, preferably with its own assembly plant and ready-made maintenance points

select the cooperation method

once the partners are determined, the cooperation method should be clarified. There are many ways of cooperation in the export of transportation engineering machinery. Different ways of cooperation not only determine the profitability of export enterprises, but also affect whether the future cooperation can be straightened out. Therefore, choosing a good way of cooperation is a key issue that export enterprises must consider

self operated export

self operated export is suitable for large-scale brand manufacturing enterprises with international popularity. In addition to their own production technology strength and product brand strength, these transportation engineering machinery enterprises with simple methods also need to have a strong professional foreign trade team. Enterprises can promote their products by participating in relevant international famous expositions and professional exhibitions, or by using overseas media advertisements

foreign trade agency export

the method of foreign trade agency export is suitable for production enterprises that are not well-known, do not want to invest a lot of advertising, do not want to invest too much foreign trade human resources, and have poor overseas channels. Transportation machinery manufacturing enterprises can cooperate with foreign trade companies to entrust overseas sales of products to one or several foreign trade companies, and sign agency sales framework agreements with each foreign trade company to limit the pricing scope, sales scope, sales period, scope, after-sales service conditions, etc. of products, and use the human resources, overseas market information and customer channels of foreign trade companies to sell products

overseas assembly

production enterprises cooperate with overseas enterprises to establish assembly plants overseas. The assembly plants can be wholly-owned by overseas enterprises or jointly invested by both parties. The proportion of joint venture shall be determined by both parties through consultation according to the actual situation. The maintenance points and maintenance personnel (including the technical training of maintenance personnel) shall be provided by both parties according to the actual situation

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