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Traditional publishing houses should become the leaders of digital publishing. Digital publishing is the product of the times that conforms to the development of information technology and the transformation of reading methods, and has broad market prospects. The essence, profit model and achievements of digital publishing are all in the stage of small lotus talents emerging, and the industry is also actively exploring

digital publishing leads the technological revolution in the publishing industry. It is a new publishing form based on information technology, digital technology and computer network technology. It includes network publishing, cross media publishing (such as network journals, publishing) and e-book publishing based on the Internet. However, some people believe that digital publishing is an intelligent form of paper publishing, an intelligent presentation of paper publications that integrates images, sounds, reading editing interaction and other elements. It is inseparable from demand drivers, rather than pure technological revolution. In essence, digital publishing is the result of technology and demand driving

after we recognized the essence of digital publishing, we began to explore how to achieve profitability. At the 2012 Shanghai book fair, a large number of explorers engaged in digital publishing, such as Dajia, Shanda literature, Longyuan journal, Hanwang, etc., have emerged, showing their outstanding achievements. However, due to the unknown business model and other factors, the traditional publishing houses still dare not fully participate in digital publishing. It is not surprising that if any emerging industry wants to continue to develop, its participants must be profitable and promote the green development and industrial progress of the automotive industry based on the material strong hydraulic universal testing machine, otherwise it will be difficult to sustain

at present, there are few traditional publishers in China who really make profits from digital publishing, because the profits are pitiful. The participation of traditional publishers remained at a very shallow level, and they failed to become the leader of the industrial chain. As a result, they do not have a say in e-book pricing and profit sharing model. When they do not have a say, there is no way to make profits. When there is no profit, publishers can only focus on participation. If they do not actively participate, they will have no say. This has formed a vicious circle, and the current digital publishing industry will undoubtedly fall into an embarrassing situation without the source

therefore, digital publishing must return the market to the publishing house and entrust the pricing strategy and commodity marketing (Marketing) to them. In this way, publishers can be at the core of the industrial chain with better weather resistance and heat aging resistance than SBS, and then through the innovation of the business model of the traditional content industry, they can find the profit source of digital publishing. What the publishing house should do is to do a good job in transformation from head to toe, and actively carry out various useful attempts and explorations for future development. If the traditional publishing industry wants to do a good job in the transformation of digital publishing from head to toe, it must start with the transformation of ideas and skills, the realization of product technology selection, product presentation form, product distribution carrier, product cross domain marketing and so on. Only in this way can traditional publishing houses occupy the leading position of digital publishing, and profit from digital publishing is just around the corner

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