Reasons for delay of decoration period

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Many Wuhan decoration owners hope that the decoration of their new house can be completed within the scheduled time when decorating. However, in the process of decoration, they will encounter some delays in the construction period more or less. So what is the reason for the delay in the decoration period

1. There is rework in decoration, which is actually normal. One is that it may not be the same as expected after decoration, another is that the decoration company or decoration team may cause rework, and another is that there is a problem with materials may also cause rework, which may delay the construction period. Recommended reading: Decoration schedule saves time and effort decoration

2. Weather reasons, such as overcast and rainy weather during the decoration process, especially outdoor decoration, the weather has a greater impact, and the indoor impact is relatively small. In this case, Zhengzhou decoration company suggests that you can do projects that can be constructed first to make up for the construction period

3. The influence of construction sequence: water and electricity come first in family decoration. This sentence refers to the construction sequence, but the cabinet in family decoration is an exception. It is not in this sequence, because the design of the cabinet needs to cooperate with the overall facilities in the kitchen. Before the kitchen carries out the water and electricity transformation, the cabinet manufacturer should be asked to come to the kitchen for measurement, and the cabinet style should be combined with the location of gas and water and electricity on site, Cover the ugly part of the kitchen with the cabinet design

in addition, some people in home decoration are used to putting wallpaper in the last step of the process. In order to keep the wallpaper from being damaged, the top ranked company of Wuhan Decoration Company reminded that the correct process should be to paste wallpaper after the installation of the floor, so that the residual edges and baseboards of the wallpaper can be neatly pressed under it. In this way, the end can not only make the appearance look traceless, but also make the wallpaper more firm and beautiful

it is important to choose a decoration company for family decoration, which is not only the guarantee of quality, but also the guarantee of construction period and after-sales. Before decoration, it is necessary to make a contract with the decoration company, make a decoration budget, and carry out it under the constraints of all aspects




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