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A clean kitchen will also hide the "root cause of evil" that endangers human health. In addition to bacterial dirt, there are two "killers" in the kitchen: noise pollution and smell pollution, which are often easily ignored by people

a clean kitchen will also hide “ The root of evil ”. In addition to bacterial dirt, there are noise pollution and smell pollution in the kitchen “ Killer ”, These two major pollutants are often easy to be ignored

especially noise pollution and smell pollution. As an indispensable kitchen ventilator, it is this pollution “ Killer ” So how should consumers choose environmentally friendly, silent and efficient range hoods

noise pollution health “ Enemy &rdquo

the clanging sound of various seasoning bottles, dishes and cookers when they collide, the whirring sound of the range hood when it is running, and the crackling sound of the cabinet door when it is closed &hellip& hellip; These annoying noises in the kitchen will add to your anxiety when cooking. According to the national standards, the daytime noise of residential areas should not exceed 50 dB (generally speaking, 40 ~ 60 dB), and the indoor noise limit should be lower than 10 dB of the standard value of the area. It is proved by medicine that excessive noise pollution will lead to ear discomfort, tinnitus and earache; Damage to cardiovascular system; Distract and reduce work efficiency; It will cause nervous system dysfunction and affect vision

olfactory pollution stealth “ Trap &rdquo

many gases in the kitchen will do some harm to human health &mdash& mdash; Regardless of the dangerous consequences caused by the leakage of liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas, the lampblack waste gas generated during cooking alone is quite harmful to the body. In addition to carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particles, there are also organic substances such as acrolein and cycloaromatic hydrocarbons in the cooking fume. Acrolein will cause sore throat, dry eyes, fatigue and other symptoms; Excessive cycloaromatic hydrocarbons can cause cell mutations and induce cancer. Nowadays, the fashionable kitchen decoration mostly adopts open design, but the process of making Chinese food will produce more lampblack. The open kitchen has a large range of air flow, and the range hood can not collect and discharge the oil smoke well, which will cause the oil smoke exhaust pollution of the restaurant and living room




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