Can I apply for decoration loan with housing loan

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(question) I bought a suite, applied to the bank for a commercial loan of 200000 yuan, with a monthly payment of 1200 yuan, and used the new house as a mortgage. Now, more than a year has passed, the monthly payment is normal, and the house decoration is imminent. Can I apply for a "decoration loan"

a answer Hello, you can apply for decoration loans according to the situation you mentioned. Please call or QQ for details

b answer Hello! Our company can handle it. Please call us for specific loan process and details

c answer Hello, thank you for leaving a message. In view of your situation, I recommend our cooperative bank to get a "decoration loan" variety. The annual interest rate for two years is 9.33%. Welcome to inquire

d answer Hello, in your case, our company can handle it for you, with low interest and simple procedures. Please call us for details, thank you

e answer Hello! You can apply for decoration loans. You can also consider other credit loans with housing as the loan theme

f answer Hello, it's OK according to your situation. However, it is recommended that you apply for an unsecured credit loan. Please contact me for details Yes, as long as you have enough repayment ability, you can apply for it. If the amount is small, you can get it by credit loan. Providing your income certificate is also a bank statement. Your monthly income is not less than 2000. The loan amount is 5 to 10 times your income




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