How can we avoid the greasy decoration

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How can we avoid the greasy decoration

there are many traps in the decoration market. "At present, the 'traps' dug by individual decoration companies for consumers are becoming more and more hidden, and the home decoration market is becoming more and more fishy." Yesterday, the Deputy Secretary General of the Consumer Association introduced various traps in the decoration market

trap 1: skillfully set the contract trap. Confusing the general quotation of materials and confusing the concept of calculating more expenses are the usual tactics of individual home decoration companies. When signing the contract, the general quotation of a certain material shall be calculated, and the single material shall be replaced during construction to earn the price difference. In addition, some provisions that are not specific or can be interpreted in a variety of ways are also concocted to get rid of the shell

trap 2: solicit business with low quotation, and add items after commencement. When customers ask for quotations, some decoration companies adopt the method of "opening low and going high", first cut items and give quotations lower than those of other companies to attract consumers to sign orders. During the construction process, the deleted items will be regarded as additional items to raise the money back. After completion, consumers found that the settlement cost was much higher than the budget

trap 3: designers deliberately increase items and get more commissions. After receiving the order, some designers deliberately increase decoration projects in order to get more commission from the company, regardless of the actual situation of consumers' homes: add a partition where there is no need to make a partition, ceiling where there is no need for ceiling, etc. After a "design", the decoration quotation was significantly higher than the original budget

trap 4: inferior materials are replaced by good ones. In the decoration of contracting labor and materials, individual construction teams do tricks in purchasing materials, some pass off inferior goods as famous brand products, and use low-cost inferior products as genuine products, etc

trap 5: lie about the measured area. Some decoration companies lied or overstated the construction area. For example, when calculating the painting of wall emulsion paint, they did not deduct the area of doors and windows, or increased the length and width of the wall to increase the decoration budget

before decoration, we will look for the data of many decoration companies to compare the budget quotation. The cost of decoration has always been one of the most concerned issues of consumers. At present, there are many home decoration companies in the market, and there are often great differences in budget quotations. Many consumers have encountered such confusion: in the same home decoration market, there is also a new house with an area of 120 square meters. The budget quotation of one company is 90000 yuan, while the budget quotation of another company next to it is only 78000 yuan. The price difference of almost the same decoration content is tens of thousands of yuan. Why is there such a big difference in decoration quotation

what are the differences

industry experts pointed out that in terms of the budget price management of home decoration, due to the influence of regional differences, there is no unified quotation standard in the country at present, and some home decoration markets only list the guide price for consumers' reference. However, the number of decoration projects and quantities is a direct factor affecting the quotation of the whole decoration. At the same time, the differences in the size, qualification, grade and management system of the decoration company also lead to the differences in the budget quotation. Generally speaking, the expenses in decoration should include: design fee, main material fee, auxiliary material fee, labor fee, management fee and tax. However, it is necessary to remind consumers that they should not choose home decoration enterprises solely based on the initial budget quotation given by the decoration company. Because so far, there is still a phenomenon that decoration companies are using consumers' inexperience to play "flower work" in quotation

how to avoid the budget trap

then, what aspects should we start with when reviewing the budget quotation of the decoration company

1. Pay attention to the "addition" in the decoration quotation

although some home decoration companies have low budget quotations at the initial stage, there are often many additional items after signing home decoration contracts with consumers, and some even designers deliberately lose or omit items. For example, the content was originally negotiated with the designer, but it was not specified in the contract, and the consumer did not notice it. In this way, although the price was not high when the contract was signed, when the project was completed, a lot of content was added, and the cost increased accordingly. The most common "addition content" includes: before signing the contract, the decoration company does not quote the price of clean water and circuit transformation, which is not clear about hidden pipes, but the highest price is calculated in the final settlement; Or in the construction of water and circuit reconstruction, the length of water and circuit pipelines is intentionally extended, so consumers suffer additional losses

2. Pay attention to verifying the "subtraction" in the decoration project

consumers generally pay more attention to and closely supervise the "visible and touchable" conventional engineering projects such as carpentry, bricklaying, oilers, etc., but they know little about concealed works and some details. For example, how are the water renovation, waterproof and leak proof works, strong and weak current renovation, air conditioning pipelines and other works done? It is difficult to see whether you need to travel in the short term, and you can't go deep into it. Many construction personnel often make an article here. Another example is that some companies stipulate that the interior wall should be painted three times, but the construction team only painted it once. On the surface, there is no difference, but in fact, the process standard is reduced. For the time being, there is no problem. After a long time, the problem will be exposed

3. Pay attention to the "itemized calculation" in the decoration budget quotation

these companies are quite formal on the surface, breaking a single project into multiple sub items at will, and quoting separately according to each sub item. Consumers usually feel that choosing such companies is to understand consumption, but they don't know the "tricky": for example, making door covers, taking hardware such as door leaves, door covers, hinges and so on as separate items, they often raise some itemized prices by a small part, which is not easy for consumers to notice, and the overall price has increased a lot unconsciously. These subtle differences are easy for consumers to ignore. What's more, the labor cost of installation and painting is also taken as a charging content to let consumers pay again. Due to the limitation of professional knowledge, consumers often can't identify the secret, and can't tell the reason why this quotation is unreasonable, so they have to pay. In fact, this itemized pricing is easy to repeat billing, making most consumers "slaughtered" and do not know why. Especially if the decoration company will give you a 20% discount or even lower for a decoration project, you must be careful. In the process of construction, the decoration company will slowly add projects and earn back its losses

Real decoration cases of netizens:

there are a lot of "greasy" in buying home decoration materials. As for the "water" in this, how big and fishy is it? But little known

the contract is fishy and bothers consumers

the consumer Mr. Liu signed an indoor decoration agreement with a decoration company in July 2008. The construction period is from July 18 to August 28, lasting for 40 days. Due to the problem of the materials provided by the operator to the consumers, the construction period was not performed according to the time specified in the contract. When the two parties failed to reach a result through repeated negotiations, the consumers came to the consumers' Association to complain

after investigation, the consumer association found that there are some problems in the contract: in the contract, some contents are very simple, for example, how much is the price of installing the floor below 50 yuan per square meter? What grade? Are not marked; As for the door, the style, material and color required by the consumer were not clearly written, only the price of 160 yuan per leaf was written; In the budget, the operators deliberately do not include the cost of indoor line reconstruction and the cost of decoration and skirting. On the surface, the decoration cost of the company is lower than that of other companies, but when the actual construction starts, the cost of indoor line reconstruction alone is as high as one third of the estimated cost of the whole decoration, that is, about 5000 yuan

in response to these problems, the consumer association pointed out: in the format contract, whether some contents should be required or not, and whether it is necessary to sign a detailed contract with the operator, consumers do not understand it very well, so some contents in the contract are not detailed, which increases the difficulty of safeguarding their rights afterwards. However, as a business operator, he clearly knows that consumers do not understand, and deliberately writes the content of the contract very simply; In order to retain consumers, and even reduce the price, so that consumers can see from the surface that the cost of the decoration company is lower than that of other companies. Due to these bad behaviors of the operators, this contract has added a lot of trouble to the consumer association in the mediation process

the Consumer Association severely criticized the bad business behavior of the operators, requiring the operators to provide better services to consumers with sincerity, sincerity and good professional ethics in the business process. After mediation, both parties reconfirmed various expenses through negotiation, and clarified the required materials, making the contract more perfect

coincidentally, the decoration contract signed by the consumer Mr. Wang and a decoration company also complained to the consumer association because the operator changed the content of the contract without authorization

after investigation, the consumer association found that the contents of the contract were very clear, but the operator changed the contents of the contract without authorization in actual operation. After mediation, the operator agreed to do it according to the requirements of the consumer, and exempted the consumer's three-phase project payment of nearly 600 yuan

reminder: Decoration trickiness can also be avoided: look at decoration knowledge in the early stage of decoration. Decoration details should not be careless. We must check carefully. It is also important to find a trustworthy decoration company. The decoration contract should be detailed, and the decoration company should not take advantage of it




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