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Chinese brand fine wood craftsman whole house easy to install + leading the cross-border transformation of the plate industry

at present, the whole house customization, as a hot spot in the building materials and home furnishing industry, has attracted many traditional home furnishing enterprises to cross-border gold rush

as an upstream enterprise in the furniture industry, China's wood-based panel industry is facing development difficulties due to many factors such as raw materials, environmental protection, logistics, homogeneous competition and so on. In recent years, more and more wood-based panel enterprises have begun to extend to the downstream furniture industry

the chairman of Jingcai craftsman believes that the growth of all new things stems from the interaction of internal laws and external environment, and all need to experience difficult and tortuous roads and repeated struggles, as well as the whole house customized home furnishing industry. 2018 will be a year of great development of customized home furnishings. No matter cabinet and wardrobe enterprises, or plate, wooden door, stair and floor enterprises, they will focus on the big "cake" of whole house customization

in fact, some powerful enterprises have begun to shift from traditional wood-based panel manufacturing to furniture manufacturing

fine craftsman is a medium and high-end environmental protection plate brand focusing on the original ecological concept. On September 23, 2017, the craftsman of fine wood publicly unveiled the new model of "whole house easy to install + buy today and install tomorrow" at the wood Expo. 2018 is also a year for craftsmen to fully promote the development of the whole house easy decoration mode

the whole house is easy to install by fine craftsman +, which is a model of continuous exploration and innovation in the era of big home. The whole house is easy to install +. With the new mode of rapid design + standard panels +n modular assembly, it has formed an excellent integration solution for indoor wardrobe, cabinets, wall panels, ceilings, wooden doors and the whole house woodwork system. This is a new mode superior to the whole house customization. It solves the problems in the whole process of decoration design, material selection, procurement, construction, overall planning, after-sales and so on. It overcomes the short board of high customization price, long construction cycle, error prone and cumbersome after-sales, and realizes the ideal quality of customization in any shape and size, zero error installation, and perfect integration with fixed installation. Craftsman of fine materials can easily decorate the whole house + buy today and decorate tomorrow, and is committed to comprehensively improving the quality of home decoration and the experience of home decoration for consumers

Chinese brand fine craftsman can be easily installed in the whole house +? Buying today and decorating tomorrow, creating new ideas and models will definitely bring new innovations to the whole house customization and the whole house decoration/home decoration industry

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